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Choco Baloon Tees
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It’s a great day to start your holiday! Excuse Choco to accompany you today!


Since today is special day with Choco, maybe you can pick one special outfit, like Choco Balloon Yellow Tshirt! This tshirt will make you the spotlight. People will stare at you, admirer your cool tshirt on the street!


This isn’t just basic yellow tshirt but this is the must have tshirt! You can use it on your first day of school, your first date even to the office! To make it look formal, pair with flanel shirt or plain basic shirt.


So, are you ready to be the coolest person in your area? Check out Choco Balloon Yellow Tshirt immediately!


Material: Cotton Combad 24’s Supersoft

Size: S, M , L, XL, XXL.

Weight: 300g
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Shipped within 24 hours,
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