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Cool Choco Hoodie
Rp 299,000 - Rp 309,000

Something new is coming now!


We hope you can prepare yourself to this excitement! Yes! After a lot of sweat and tears with CRSL Gengs, you can finally adopt them through this Authentic Hoodie! 


You can bring Choco playing outside with his authentic glasses! Authentic Hoodie in Yellow will bring joy and fun while you wearing it and of course, this Authentic Hoodie will make you proud because it is CRSL brand and the design it is so cool!


Perfect choose to wear this hoodie during sun and rainy weather, because it will keep you warm and comfort you at the same time.


So, what are you waiting for? adopt Choco now!


Color: Yellow

Weight: 700g
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Shipped within 24 hours,
(Upon confirmation of payment)